Hoi Shah Alam & Kuala Selangor! Kalau dah tak tau apa, jangan cuba nak tunjuk pandai!!!

Khalid dengan saudara kandungnya yang lebih terkenal dengan gelaran Shahrir "Tiung"

Khalid dengan saudara kandungnya yang lebih terkenal dengan gelaran Shahrir "Tiung"

  1. If some of you watched T.V news last night, I believe you had came across issues regarding the use of “Allah” by other faiths in Malaysia. There are different opinions (as usual) among the members of parliament (MP).
  2. Some agreed the term is exclusively Islam’s. Others believed it is universal and other faiths such as Catholic has the right to use “Allah” as well. Sadly, those who advocated that “Allah” can be used by other faiths came from none other than PAS, a party who self-proclaimed it is the protector of Islam and the fighter for Allah’s Hudud.
  3. I felt so disgusted with politicians who think they are in a better position to explain Islamic teaching merely because they represent PAS, in particular the MP of Shah Alam and Kuala Selangor. The dumbest thing done by both clowns was to explain that other faiths have the rights to refer Allah as their God too. One of them claimed there are Quranic verses mentioned that the Jews and Christians also use the same name.
  4. Ustaz Taib Azamuddin (PAS MP from Baling) refuted the argument and stressed that interpretation of Quranic verses must be based on “Asbabul Nuzul” or the history of Quranic verses reveal. Bravo Ustaz Taib.
  5. I am disturbed to notice some MP and ADUN from PAS having certain tendency or inclination towards “Liberal Islam” as promoted by the Sisters in Islam (SIS) group. They are a minority group who has all the media’s attention. Remember Lina Joy’s case? SIS asked the Ummah to respect Lina’s  decision and rights to practice other faith! Helo Akak Tiri! Jangan la BANGANG sangat! Ni bukan bab hak asasi. Ini bab AQIDAH!
  6. Muslims MUST study Quran with a correct methodology, not on mere personal logic understanding of so called “liberal” mind. The validity and reliability of the interpretation is highly arguable if incorrect methodology is used to  conduct “Tafsir” and “Takwil” of the Quranic verses.

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